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Weekly Bluetooth Electronic Pill Case 1 Time a Day for Travel

Weekly Bluetooth Electronic Pill Case 1 Time a Day for Travel

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Bluetooth Electronic Pill Dispenser with Alarm, Smart Pill Organizer with Reminder&Light, Pill Timer Tracker, Automatic Medication Dispenser, Weekly 7 Day Pill Case 1 Time a Day for Travel(Pink)

  • [Right on Time] Zoksi weekly electronic pill dispenser features up to 7 alarms per day. With BEEP BEEP sound alert, FLASHING blue light intermittently for 15 minutes and notification POP UP pushed to your phone, you will never forget to take medication. Press the button or pour out the pills can turn off the alarm.
  • [Smart to Setup] Download the Pillcalendar” APP and follow the step-by-step instructions on the app. 4 steps: Login->Allow bluetooth, location(bluetooth connection required) & notification-> Connect->Set daily dose number and alarms Tips: Press button to activate the pill reminder while connected
  • [Compact & Portable] The dimensions of Zoksi medication dispenser are 10.83*2.83*2.36 inches. Smaller and slimmer than a pencil case. Zoksi pill reminder is suitable for your bags or suitcase. The size of each compartment is 1.54*0.9*1.06 inches. Each slot can hold up to 8 fish oils or 15 vitamin C.
  • [Rechargeable] Powered by lithium battery,easy to recharge within 2.5 hours.Say goodbye to reloading batteries frequently.When the battery level is low, Zoksi smart pill box will remind you to charge.
  • [Ideal Gift] Zoksi medicine reminder features sleek and fashionable appearance. An ideal gift for female elderly and friends who is always forget to take supplements to show your care about their health.
  • [Safety Feature] Smart pill dispenser is made of food grade BPA FREE material, which keep your medication safe. With inner and outer boxes double protection, automatic pill dispenser protect your medicine from light, moisture and dust.

Clear LCD Display

√ Please remove the plastic plate on the screen first

√ Able to set up to 7 alarm per day

√ When low battery, it will indicate you

Premium Silk Printing

√ Clear and big labels

√ Never rub off up to 5,000 times

Magnetic Outer Cover

√ Easy to open and close

√ Once closed stay closed

√ Outer and inner cover keep your meds airtight and moisture-proof


√ Powered with lithium battery

√ Come with Type C charging cable

√ 2.5 hours full charge


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