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Automatic Pill Dispenser with Alarm

Automatic Pill Dispenser with Alarm

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Electronic Pill Dispensers and Organizers, Timed Medication Dispenser, Monthly Medicine Reminder for Prescriptions and Vitamins
  • [Elderly Friendly] This automatic pill dispenser is a care assistant for elderly or those with chronic diseases. Electronic pill dispenser helps seniors organize their numerous pills, remind them of taking medication on time and track their medication schedule with ease.
  • [Easy to Use] Only FOUR buttons to set up current time, alarms and volume. Only SIX steps to set your medication alarms. Instruction in pictures, videos and user guide.
  • [Loud Reminder] BEEP BEEP sound and FLASHING blue light double alerts remind you to take medicine on time. No more missing doses or overdrugs.
  • [Safe Pill Dispenser] Meds tray, made of safe PP material, can be removable, easy to wash and clean. The lid key is a white handle, protecting your pills from moisture, friendly to elderly or those with arthritis. The handle is hidden at the backside, safe from children and pets.
  • [Track with Ease] SIX dose rings to select and customize your own medication schedule. Help you track each day's doses accurately. Medication dispenser machine with a clear lid helps you track your next dose and the rest pills easily.
  • [Warm tips] This monthly pill reminder is a little heavier than a bottle of water 500ml. Our automatic pill dispenser is a little bulky and designed for home use, especially for elderly or those who take medicine or supplements usually, maybe not suitable for travel.

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Med Window

√ Need to open with finger

√ Avoid exposing your medicine in the air

√ Safe from children and pets to take out pills

electronic pill dispenser

Lock of Lid

√ Special lock-- white latch

√ No more losing keys

√ Easy to unlock, friendly to elderly or people with arthritis

√ 2 spare keys for you to change

electronic pill dispenser

Large Capacity

√ 28 slots to hold your medications monthly or weekly

√ Each slot can hold up to 6 fish oils

√ Enough depth and width for standard pills

electronic pill dispenser

Six Dose Rings

√ 6 dose rings to customize your own medication schedules

√ 6 alarms can be set on the pill box

√ Track your every day dose with ease

electronic pill dispenser

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