Collection: A-272

  • 🧡[Super Large Capacity] The pill box has 14 big compartments divided into two sections for AM PM, with more space than a typical pill case. The large pill organizer can hold numberous pills of all different sizes. Pill orgainzer 2 times a day can be filled with pills a week in advance, save time and fit for people need to take a lot of meds.
  • 🧡[Easier to Use] The large pill box 7 day is equipped with easy open/close snap design that is easy to use for the elderly and people with weak fingers. The removable and reorganizable lid allows you to combine the date order you prefer.
  • 🧡[Double-sided Design] Weekly pill organizer with a unique double-layer design allows the 7 day pill organizer taking up less space. The lid stays closed once locked to keep pills safe. The pill container is perfect for daily use and it can store not only meds, but also small jewelry, paper clips, candy and more.
  • 🧡[BPA-free Material] Our pill organizer 7 day is made of high-quality BPA-free material, so you can store pills with confidence. Upgraded with unique printing technology that is less prone to wear and tear. Withstands repeated use.
  • 🧡[Handy to Track and Read] Am pm pill organizer has colorful-transparent lid and clear font allow to check your pills without opening the lid. It's easy to distinguish them even for people with weak eyesight.